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Redemption's Motto
“Our skills will awe, our personalities bond, and our dedication inspires. Show humility, respect, and over everything else, kill shit and don’t die.”

Redemption was formed by long time gaming friends who wanted to find a kinship to call home. Unsatisfied by what other organizations had to offer, we decided to form our own collective of like-minded individuals who strive to dominate middle earth. By following our core values and policies, we intend to not only to kill shit and not die, but also have fun and form lasting friendships in doing so.

Our Mission Statement
Redemption is a virtual online gaming community of mature, veteran gamers. We are committed to a friendly, team centric environment where everyone plays an important role and is not just another player on the roster. By encouraging long term friendships, we provide an enhanced online gaming experience for all of our members.

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